The Girls vs The Man

A number of weeks back, I was taking a regular stroll with my three daughters. Walks like this have become a treasured ritual for us. We live on a beautiful high school campus which the girls have come to know as an extension of their back yard. As we walked and talked, my eldest, Mikaela, made an interesting – albeit not new – observation: “Dad, in our family, there are only girls. Except you, of course. It’s us, mom, the dogs – Annie and Mollie – and Smilla, the cat. Actually,” she quipped, “it’s sort of like the girls versus the man.” Laughter ensued, at my expense. I had to concede: I am outnumbered. Not a week goes by when they don’t remind of the fact.

I am in the minority. It’s true. What’s also true is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what’s meant to be. I remember having a sense at eighteen that I would be a father of daughters. I haven’t ever had a desire for a son. My girls say that I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy: they have extra bits.

Welcome, then, to “The Girls VS The Man“. I have much to write about raising daughters; mostly questions. I am hoping that what I write here would resonate with you and that we would be able to start conversations about what it means to be great dads to our daughters. There are loads of parenting blogs on the interwebs written by women. Many are amazing (check my links page for one such suggestion). It’s about time, however, that a father did the same. This is my attempt.

I will offer opinions, not advice.

I will extend challenges; first to me and then to you.

I will be candid about my shortcomings and I will ask for your help.

I will tell my story; I will try to tell yours too.


3 responses to “The Girls vs The Man

  1. Bruce, you and I have at least one thing in common, surrounded by women/girls in our respective homes. In fact, for me, being the only son to parents with four children, my siblings being sisters, I seem always to have been surrounded by women/girls!
    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts with great interest and hopefully we can bounce a few ideas.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. super exciting buddy – i am not a father of girls per say but i secretly like to believe i am a secret father to a bunch of people who may not have had good experiences with good fathers, whether they be girls or boys, as God has given me this huge heart of love for people, and especially youth and the older i get the more youth there are… so firstly pointing them to Jesus but secondly being able to point them to Godly father figures like yourself and others, i feel like the words written here are going to be a big part of mentoring a generation of fathers and mothers… the pics of your kids always make me so happy, i can’t even imagine what they must do for you… much love and side-cheering, brett fish

  3. I love the different spaces you inhabit. I am no parent, but I don’t doubt for one second that I’ll pick up tit-bits along the way that will resonate long beyond when I do have kids of my own.

    I must say though that the situation does escalate when girls have girl play-dates. Viva birthday parties with boys and girls!

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