Grace, on repeat

People mess up on repeat. My daughters are no different. Mikaela is perpetually slow because she is an avid daydreamer and wall starer. In itself, this is not an issue but when all of us are always late because of her tardiness, it becomes one. Gemma, on the other hand has a tendency to throw a haffy every time things don’t go her way, in the hope that each time, she’ll wear her dad down. It’s a wonder she sticks with this tactic because her old man’s a stubborn git. Emily is still learning but the patterns are becoming clearer every day.

That is why I need to show grace on repeat. No matter how many times they mess up on repeat, I need to discipline them with grace.

You see, grace doesn’t remove the consequences but opens a door to redemption. Grace says, “I love you”. Grace says, “I believe in you enough to give you another chance”. Grace says, “I will walk this road with you and help you to understand”.

That’s the kind of parenting Jesus models. How many times have we messed up? How many times have we had to say we’re sorry and how many times is our depravity met with open arms and warm embraces? That’s grace, that is.


Help me to show grace (on repeat) to these girls as you have shown grace to me.



3 responses to “Grace, on repeat

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! I wish I had had someone to remind me of these things when my children were growing up. Come on Bruce, how about a book!!!

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