I want them to know what they’re worth


This post originally appeared on brucesbrews.com. The sentiments expressed then are still true now and so I repost them here because this feels like the right place.

Sometime in 2011, on “A Deeper Story“, one of my favourite bloggers, Tamara Lunardo wrote a post called “What’s a Girl Worth?” I urge you to read it. It is poignantly triumphant! This post is a response to Tamara’s call for contributions to the conversation.

I have 3 daughters: Mikaela, Gemma and Emily. Each one uniquely beautiful and gifted. I could write reams about each of them and the joy they bring into my life but more than anything else, I want them to know what they’re worth. And I want them to know that because of how they experience my love for them, not necessarily because of what I say.

I want them to know that they’re loved, unconditionally and that their grades at school, their sexual orientation, the vocation they choose, their physical appearance and their choice of faith amongst others will not determine the extent of my love for them.

I want them to know that they needn’t compromise their bodies for someone else’s good time. They must know that they’re worth more than sex and that although they will be desirable to their husbands one day that they are more than just sexual beings.

I want them to know that no matter how much the people they encounter in life will trash talk them, home will be a safe place. Also, I want them to believe that the trash talk does not define who they are but that they find their identity in Jesus.

I want them to know that they’re worthy of Jesus’ love. Not because they deserve it but because his love is perfect. They must know his love through my love for Him and as a result, my love for them. They must see true love modelled in my relationship with Yolanda, my beautiful wife. The love I have for her must be heard in my words and seen in my actions. They must desire a relationship in which they are esteemed worthy to the same extent as I affirm Yolanda’s worth.

I want them to know that I will listen to them. I want them to know that I will hear them when I listen. I want them to know that, for them, there is no judgment, only love.

I want them to know that their worth is so important to me that I will protect it with my life.  At times, they might not like me for doing this, in fact, they might hate me. But I know, that ultimately, they will love me.

I want them to know that I am a man who will stand up for the worth of all women. I will actively oppose sexual violence, loose derogatory talk about women, pornography and chauvinism.

I want them to know Jesus. True worth is found in him.

With all I am worth, I want them to know what they are worth.


5 responses to “I want them to know what they’re worth

  1. I so love this post Bruce. I had a conversation with a number of people shortly after Emma was born, which was so much along the lines of what you have written. I know I should never need to fear for both my daughter’s futures. However, when I look at how vulnerable children and young people are, who have learning difficulties, I have cause to be concerned, even worry. The greatest thing as their father is that I have a relationship with our Heavenly Father, who is the Great Protector. He gives me confidence for their protection and their future’s.

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