I am Bruce: God lover, Christ follower, husband, father and teacher. I am also a compulsive beard grower.

Despite having fathered three daughters, I am not an expert on parenting. What I share here is my experience as a father of daughters, warts and all. There are many parenting focused blogs online. Few of them, however are written by fathers. Even less are focused on the tender and tentative relationship a dad shares with his daughter. My prayer is that my words would encourage and entertain, and if needs be, admonish.

I am loved, despite me, by my 3 daughters – Mikaela, Gemma and Emily – and my beautiful wife, Yolanda, who crossed my path in April 1994 and has been my best friend since.

Sometime in 2012, I was taking a regular stroll with my three daughters. Walks like this have become a treasured ritual for us. We live on a beautiful high school campus which the girls have come to know as an extension of their back yard. As we walked and talked, my eldest, Mikaela, made an interesting – albeit not new – observation: “Dad, in our family, there are only girls. Except you, of course. It’s us, mom, the dogs – Annie and Mollie – and Smilla, the cat. Actually,” she quipped, “it’s sort of like the girls versus the man.” Laughter ensued, at my expense. I had to concede: I am outnumbered. Not a week goes by when they don’t remind of the fact.

I am in the minority. It’s true. What’s also true is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what’s meant to be. I remember having a sense at eighteen that I would be a father of daughters. I haven’t ever had a desire for a son. My girls say that I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy: they have extra bits.

Welcome, then, to “The Girls VS The Man“. I have much to write about raising daughters; mostly questions. I am hoping that what I write here would resonate with you and that we would be able to start conversations about what it means to be great dads to our daughters. There are loads of parenting blogs on the interwebs written by women. Many are amazing (check my links page for one such suggestion). It’s about time, however, that a father did the same. This is my attempt.

I will offer opinions, not advice.

I will extend challenges; first to me and then to you.

I will be candid about my shortcomings and I will ask for your help.

I will tell my story; I will try to tell yours too.


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